Double strollers are available in many styles and colors. Naturally, the umbrella strollers tend to be the least pricey and lightest in weight. Umbrella strollers tend to be the sling seated strollers having the two curved handles.
The best double umbrella strollers have and do the fundamentals. Even so, they lack space for storing. It is usually either non existent or limited. Double umbrella strollers fold up so compact and are so lightweight, you can practically put them anywhere. Umbrella strollers fit in quite easily in your vehicle. The boot of a car, an empty seat or simply on the floor will be able to provide an umbrella stroller space to sit. Their compact dimensions and transportability get them to be a good stow-away within your car. Simply just put them in almost any empty spot and away you go, with the knowledge that you are going to have the double umbrella stroller on standby any time you get to your final destination. Below is our review of some of the best double umbrella strollers available to buy today.

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

The Delta Children Umbrella Stroller has been dubbed the best double umbrella stroller for its many highlighting features. It provides all the functionalities and style of the standard LX stroller and comes packaged for two.

It is highly sought-after for its light weight frame and a multi-position reclining feature for comfort. Fitted with a compact umbrella which can be folded and stored easily, it also encompasses a five point safety harness with soft shoulder pads which comfortably wedges the child in place. A large European Styled canopy and equally adequate storage space makes this the ideal choice for a lightweight double umbrella stroller.
Pros :
· The 360 degree rotatable wheels are shock absorbent.
· Availability of cup holders and storage spaces.
· The five point safety harness assures a secure seating.
· Multi-position reclining position suited for babies.
Cons :
· Since the reclining seats are only attached to the sides and not the back frame, small children can lean forward almost to the point of touching the ground.
· The back support provided is not very sturdy.
· The handle height makes it unsuitable for tall people

Overall review
Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is a lightweight double stroller that fits through standard doors. It provides a smooth ride for the kids and has adequate space for standard sized infants. It is also very easy to store. With these qualities this is a top double umbrella stroller that deserves to be on this list.

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller :

The Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller is an ideal choice for a double stroller owing to its expandable canopy coverage and individually reclining seats. It also has a roll up seat back which entails maximum air flow in warm weather.

The Stroller has a lightweight frame which is easily manoeuvrable, has a quick and compact umbrella fold, and an extendable canopy with a rear hood for full coverage. The prominent feature of this stroller is its independent reclining seats fitted with a three point safety harness.

Pros :
· The roll up seat back is ideal for air flow during warm weathers.
· Has an extendable canopy which provides full coverage.
· Superlight weight and easy to fold.
· Brakes are easy to apply and ensure easy manoeuvring.

Cons :
· Unavailability of storage space for storing diaper bags.
· The narrow middle hand grip makes it different to manoeuvre on uneven ground.
· The basic lap buckle does not provide much safety when compared with the 5 point safety harness.

Overall review
The Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller is an excellent and worthwhile stroller to consider if you are looking for the best double umbrella stroller for your baby. It is a lightweight and compact double stroller that is built for everyday use.

ZOE Umbrella XL2 Double Stroller

The ZOE XL2 Stroller is lightweight, portable and is ideal for travelling. It is more lightweight that most single strollers available in the market.

Extremely light weight double umbrella stroller with a canopy provided separately for the two seats. The ZOE XL2 comes fitted with a five point harness for safety and reclining seats for maximum comfort. The rear brake is easy to use and the canopy is equipped with a quick folding mechanism. Not only does it have large storage space, but also comes included with padded leg rests and a great kick space.
Pros :
· Canopy provides a full coverage and is of high quality.
· Can be quickly assembled.
· The double umbrella stroller supports a quick folding mechanism.
· It has a decent storage space, which includes child and adult cup holders.
Cons :
· It is necessary to remove the seats/car seat adapter to actually fold it before putting it away.
· The rough tires make it difficult to navigate on uneven or rough terrains.
· The extremely lightweight frame greatly causes a reduction in the stability of the stroller.

Overall review
For the price, this is a very good lightweight double umbrella stroller. It is lightweight and functional and has plenty of space to store your necessities.

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