Tandem strollers are a popular kind of baby strollers that are good for families with two toddlers. In looking for the best tandem stroller, it is important to consider the form, flexibility and function. Here are some of the best tandem strollers for the family


This Sit n Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller is perfect for families with infants, toddlers, and growing children. It has double strollers where one child can sit in one stroller and the other can either sit or stand on the other. The rear platform in the back stroller allows your growing child to stand safely. One functional feature of this compact double stroller is the parent organizer which is a tray where parents can store their belongings such as coffee cup, phones, and keys. The under seat storage basket allows parents to store larger things such as hand bags and baby kits. This is a double tandem stroller for infant and toddler with car seat sold separately.
Unlike other double tandem strollers, this product is design to be ideal for children who can walk and stand. The child tray can be removed so that older children can safely fit inside. It also has a canopy to protect children from the sunlight. It can also be easily folded and the sturdy material is safe for children. This is definitely the best sit and stand stroller in the market. However, the stroller has a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds which is smaller compared to other products which can carry up to 80 pounds.


This award-winning product is considered as one of the best tandem strollers in the market. It was developed based on rigorous feedbacks from parents. The Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is available in different stylish colors.
Considered as one of the best double stroller available in the market, this compact double strollerKinderwagon Hop Tandem Stroller

This compact double stroller has a lightweight double stroller aluminium frame that is durable and safe for children. It has a one-touch double brake system that makes movement easy. Compare with a lot of double strollers this is one of the easiest to fold and assemble and does not take too much storage space.
In using this tandem double stroller, it is important to note that it may not fit growing children of a large age gap. The Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Stroller is ideal for twins or children within the same age range. The carrying capacity is 50 pounds, so it may not be a good idea to fit older children into this stroller.

Kinderwagon Hop Tandem Stroller is a comfortable and lightweight double stroller however many people say that for the price more is expected.