Benefits of the Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller

The Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller is a stroller that has been well received by consumers and rightly so. This stroller is known for its ability to make a smooth transition from single to double stroller. This stroller will enable you to transfer your little ones from one vehicle to another with a smooth motion. Not only is the Contours line ideal for your little ones, but you can use it with your infant or toddler for many years to come.

Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller, Storm Grey

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One of the great things about the Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller is that it offers you maximum security. It has a steel frame that is fully enclosed for maximum security, and it also has an impact absorbing side bars, and a well constructed safety harness as well. It’s also great for making sure your baby isn’t going to get thrown around in the seat while you are on the move. You will be glad that you took that extra step when selecting this stroller. There are many other features that make the Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller just as safe for your little one as any other stroller out on the market.

You can easily take your favorite road trip with your Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller thanks to the convenient snack pockets and storage compartment on the side. It is great for packing some fresh produce and drinks for your little ones when they want to enjoy some refreshments on a road trip. The hands-free cup holders make it easy to carry a drink for yourself.

The contours element side-by-side single-to-double stroller has several safety features that you will appreciate. On the front of the stroller there is a five-point harness strap that will hold your child securely in place while you are pushing the stroller.

One of the best features on this stroller is the sun canopy built in for the seat. This sun canopy has an adjustable handle to keep it in place and also includes a strong canopy that will protect your little ones from the sun’s rays and heat. The sun canopy will also allow your little ones to get some much needed nap whenever they need it. Another great feature is that this Contours Element Side-by-Side Stroller comes with a carry strap so you will always be able to move the stroller when not in use.

Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller

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The big advantage of this double baby stroller is that it is extremely roomy. It has a capacity of up to forty pounds in each which adds up to eighty pounds for both seats.

With this stroller you get more than 35 modes. You have options for one or two infant car seats, bassinets, and/or stroller seats. This enable you to mix it up according to your family’s needs. It is easy to switch between single and double modes. In addition, the side-by-side design fits through most doors.

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