Bob Double Jogging Strollers Review

The BOB Double Jogging Strollers have two separate seats and an extra-large cargo basket. The suspension of a BOB Double Jogging Stroller is similar to the other BOBs. Its front wheels not only swivels but can also be locked when jogging to provide stability. The seat also reclines, making it ideal for naps and long walks. It’s easy to fold and unfold, too. Bobs double stroller is one of the best double strollers around.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black

Another plus of BOBs Double Stroller is that it is easier to fold than its competitors. Unlike the double joggers, it has a two-step fold. Using the stroller requires a large trunk, which is a downside, but it’s not a major issue. With the wheels off, the BOB can fit into a standard trunk.

The BOB double stroller width and height meet the requirement of the Disney parks. The wheels are removable and there’s a foot-friendly parking brake. The handles are adjustable to nine different positions, and there’s a large pocket underneath the seats for storing baby essentials. Although it’s not the most spacious double stroller on the market, the BOBs Double Stroller is easy to use.

The BOB double stroller has individual recliners for each seat. Each seat reclines about 70 degrees from vertical. The buckles are easy to use, and the seats have vents in the top. Children can sit almost upright without reclining. The BOB is also suitable for twin car seats. The BOB Double Stroller comes with a lock. It is recommended that you lock it when not in use.

The BOB Double Jogging Strollers can accommodate children up to 50 pounds on both sides. They have a lightweight and compact design. The stroller’s suspension system is similar to other BOB jogging strollers. You can operate it over gravel or curbs with ease. The seat can recline so that one child can sleep in the back seat.

Compared to traditional strollers, the Duallie rides smoothly with both kids on board. The stroller requires little effort to operate on flat terrain and only moderate effort when going downhill. The Duallie has a suspension system similar to other BOB strollers that allows it to easily manoeuvre over bumps and gravel. Additionally, the seats are easily accessible for storage. Another good feature is the fact that it reclines, allowing one child to sleep without disturbing the other.

The BOB Double Jogging Strollers are easy to manoeuvre and will accommodate two children comfortably. The wheels are air-filled to reduce jolts on uneven surfaces, but this system needs regular maintenance, including pumping them when they become flat. The rear wheels have additional shocks that provide more support and make operation easier. The suspension system is also adjustable, which is a great feature for parents. It has all the features that parents need in a double jogging stroller, and is easy to fold and store.

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