Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller

Choosing a stroller is a crucial decision and if you are looking for a double stroller for your baby, you are going to want to consider the Chicco Bravo For2. There are some important features to look for when shopping for this stroller and these features will help you make an informed decision.

The Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller comes with a traditional padded stroller seat and a five-point harness. It also has an adjustable canopy and a cup holder tray. In addition, this double stroller features a platform and a bonus back seat. The extra seat allows you to carry two children, and the platform makes it easier for a toddler to ride along standing as opposed to sitting.

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller, Iron

The chicco bravofor2 double stroller has five points of safety, including a 5-point harness and a one-hand fold feature. This makes it a good choice for families with a small child. If you want to travel with a car seat, the stroller has a seat that can convert to a parent-facing position. The rear-facing seat features an adjustable footrest. The large canopy and two cup holders add more convenience for the parent and child.

Another feature of the chicco bravofor2 double stroller is its sturdy handle. Most strollers come with a fabric handle that can be awkward to hold. This handle is built from the same material as the stroller frame, and it feels solid when you hold it. The one-hand fold makes it easy for you to transport the stroller with your child. With its many features, it’s easy to see why the BravoFor2 is a popular option among parents.

The BravoFor2 LE has many great features, including a bonus back seat that lets your big kid stand up comfortably. It’s padded and folds away easily for storage when not in use. The Three-Point Harness makes it easier to harness your child while seating or standing. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of the BravoFor2. It is available in many color options and looks great!


The Chicco Bravo For2 is a versatile and durable stroller. It is a convertible stroller, so it can be used with either a toddler seat or a car seat. The fold is easy to use and can be done with just one hand. This feature allows moms to hold something else while still guiding their toddler along. Once folded, the front wheels stay in place. A handle at the top of the folding mechanism activates the fold.

The BravoFor2 can accommodate two children, with an infant seat and a toddler seat. A KeyFit or Fit2 car seat is easily attached and removed. This stroller can be used for years, as it can accommodate up to 40 pounds of weight on both seats. It’s also got an interesting and convenient handlebar that isn’t as imposing as it sounds. The handle is a cinch to adjust, and the oh-so-famous ‘handle symphony’ is sure to please both parent and child.

Chicco Bravo for 2 vs Bravo for 2 LE

Both the Chicco Bravo for 2 and the Bravo for 2 LE Standing/Sitting Double Strollers are great choice for any parent looking for a sit and stand double strollers. Both have plenty of features that make them easy to use and practical. The Bravo for 2 comes with a one-handed compact quick fold. This feature makes it easier to transport the stroller and carry items. If you’re a mom who has to carry a bag of groceries or your wallet, this is an excellent feature. The Bravo for 2 LE is a premium version of the Bravo for 2 stroller. It features a super-fast fold and a sit-n-stand function. It accepts the Chicco KeyFit infant car seat and can accommodate an infant up to 40 pounds.

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