How to Choose the Right Double Stroller for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Double Stroller

Finding the ideal double stroller can be an exhausting and difficult process, as many factors need to be considered from size and features to budget and price. In this article, we are going to be looking at how to choose the right double stroller for your needs.

Double strollers generally fall into two distinct categories: side-by-side and inline. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In order to narrow down your choices, think about your family lifestyle and type of terrain that you’ll be traveling on. This will help determine whether a side-by-side or tandem model would best meet your needs; don’t forget about car-seat compatibility and seating flexibility.

Ages of Passengers

Parents of twins will find a double stroller indispensable, while it can also serve to transport both their baby and an older toddler at once.

Children close in age will do well in most double strollers, while those 2-4 years apart might require either a side-by-side or tandem stroller featuring one “primary” seat and one smaller rear seat. The Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller is a great example of a double stroller for 2 children of different age.

Side-by-side products usually provide similar experiences to both passengers, with seat recline options, stow pockets, adjustable canopies and ample storage space. However, they tend to be wider than single-seaters and may not fit through all doorways easily.

Stroller features

Your purchase of a double stroller signals to the world that your family is ready for growth, so selecting the ideal model can be daunting task. Depending on their ages and your requirements, it could include something that accommodates two infant car seats or is designed specifically to help twins bond together while sitting up.

Most of the top double products on our site feature side-by-side seating designed to provide equal experiences for both passengers, such as recline options, storage pockets and canopies to shield children from the elements. But there are also a few inline (also called tandem) products with similar features like the popular Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller that features bench seat and standing platform options. They may take more pushing effort as they can feel top heavy when pushing.

Stroller Type

Children close in age can benefit from side-by-side double strollers. These strollers allow each child their own seat with independent canopy and recline options, and even add glider boards if more passengers need carrying.

Parents who frequently spend their days in cramped and crowded environments such as theme parks and malls may prefer maneuverable tanderm double strollers. This is because they are more suitable for quick maneuverability through tight spaces, can be gate-checked at airports, and are easy to use one handed.

Note that many double modular strollers require you to remove the second seat before folding; this extra step may make them more challenging to store and unfold, however some double strollers (such as UPPAbaby Vista V2) offer an attached second seat that still folds seamlessly.

Stroller Weight

No matter whether your family includes twins or just an additional sibling, finding the ideal double stroller can provide increased freedom and convenience when out and about. Unfortunately, though, with so many different choices out there it can be daunting when selecting your new stroller.

Consider your family’s needs before selecting whether a side-by-side stroller or tandem (inline) stroller best meets them. Some tandem (inline) strollers feature retractable second seats or glider boards that can be removed as your children become older.

Make sure that the stroller is easy to operate and fold, as this should not become an aerobic workout for pushing down the sidewalk! Lighter and smaller models should be preferred.

Stroller Height

Selecting the ideal double stroller will ensure the safety and comfort of your child. If you are tall, consider investing in a stroller with higher handlebar height so that you can maneuver it with ease and comfort.

Strollers with high handlebars are easier to push and may help ease back pain by eliminating the need to hunch over while pushing them. This feature is especially valuable if your stroller will be used on long walks over rough terrain.

As part of your considerations, be sure that your stroller has an adjustable handlebar. This feature can come in handy if the stroller is going to be used at different times by more than one person of different heights.

Stroller Maneuverability

Strollers vary considerably in terms of how easy they are to maneuver. With two children to transport around, it is especially essential that families choose strollers that make life easy in tight spaces – models which make pushing and turning easier are ideal choices.

Many side-by-side double strollers are known for their excellent maneuverability, often featuring all-terrain or jogging tires to make them even easier to control. Some even allow users to recline each seat independently!

If you plan on using your double stroller for jogging, be sure to look for one with a suspension system to make pushing easier over uneven terrain. Also pay attention to its weight limit to ensure it accommodates growing children as time goes on.

Stroller Seating

No matter if you are expecting twins or simply adding another child, a double stroller can give your family greater mobility and convenience. But with so many choices on the market it’s essential that you find one which meets all of your unique requirements.

Some parents can get by with using a side-by-side double stroller, while others require something with two seats stacked directly behind one another (sometimes known as rumble seats). Certain models offer newborn bassinet attachments.


When shopping for a double stroller, keep your budget in mind. Double strollers tend to cost more than singles. However, the right ones are worth their added investment in terms of convenience features such as large storage baskets, reclining seats and an adjustable handlebar.

Accessories for double strollers can enhance its functionality and comfort, from weather protection to storage solutions. However, be mindful that they may increase the overall cost. So carefully weigh which features are more important based on cost vs priority when considering accessories purchases.

customer service and warranty

As part of your decision process, consider the customer service and warranty offered by your chosen stroller manufacturer. This factor could prove crucial if two similar products have similar specifications. An easy way to check this is simply calling them up or submitting an inquiry through their website.

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